Myriam Jessier


I am
Myriam Jessier

I'm a performance marketing consultant

With 15+ years of experience

I'm an international consultant and trainer specializing in search engine optimization and online paid ads. I regularly write articles and give talks about algorithms.

You can also find me giving lectures in a university in Strasbourg or providing professional training in Quebec.

I do remote work with an international flair, traveling most of the year.

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Myriam Jessier

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Need a fantastic fractional CMO?

In the dynamic landscape of today's business…just kidding. Here's the no-fluff pitch: need someone with a solid track record when it comes to concrete marketing? I bring a good blend of strategic vision and tailored tactical roadmap to get you from point A to point B

Meet your favorite technical marketing expert

Save yourself time and stress by getting the right information. Not sure how to proceed to align your SEO & PPC? Need to fix a prickly tracking issue? I'm your pal! After many years spent working in dev centers and in SEO agencies, I can guarantee you'll get a lot of value in little time.

Sassy speaker & Seasoned Trainer

I open source my strategies. I share my knowledge as much as I can. Need to add a little je ne sais quoi (aka ADHD) to your podcast? Looking for a dynamic trainer or a memorable speaker? Please, do not hesitate, tell me about all about it!

You can find me here & there around the web


They like working with me (and so will you)


I love collaborating with Myriam. Need someone with a technical SEO background and a keen eye for product marketing? Work with them. They bring a solid international marketing experience that is a huge plus for global brands

Gianna Brachetti

SEO Product Manager



Myriam understands the quirks tied to brands operating in the tech space. Another one of their hidden talents is crafting hyper specific prompts to create AI generated stickers that get sold on the internet. Guess which skill I hired them for!

Sophie Deziel

Lead Backend Developer



I met Myriam at the largest North American developer conference. We bonded over a sad Caesar salad and a prickly SEO problem on my website. Myriam has been my trusted SEO consultant for over a decade now. Wouldn't trade them for the world!

Stéphanie Walter

UX Researcher & Product Designer


Download my ebook

I wrote an in-depth ebook about image optimization for technical SEOs.
If you work on a website that is image-heavy such as an ecommerce website, a news website or a photography website, you should read it.


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