Myriam Jessier

Expert, speaker, trainer

Curious about little old me?

Myriam Jessier in a nutshell

I've been called the Céline Dion of SEO

While I may not belt out ballads, I do hit the high notes when it comes to technical marketing.

I've been in the business of search for many years and accumulated quite the track record.

You can find me around the web and in various tech conferences.

I'm allergic to boredom and love collaborating on bold projects of any size.

Myriam Jessier

Logos That Speak Louder Than Words


What it's like working with me

My zone of genius

I am fantastic in helping you avoid issues when carrying out website migrations, launching a new brand or scaling a startup. I'm here to help avoid headaches, keep your project on track and within budget. Need to launch, grow or scale your business? I'm your pal.

What motivates me

Curiosity is my motor and I get excited about collaborating with a lot of different companies. Tractor makers, lumberjacks, city officials, cybersecurity consultancies and ecommerce brands work with me and soon, maybe you will too!

How I operate

You will get straight to the point emails with me. I love bullet point lists and proper documentationI am a night owl. I do my best work between 11 at night and 1 in the morning. I am unavailable for meetings on Mondays and Fridays.

Here are some client quotes


Myriam is the complete package: a top-tier SEO pro and an outstanding educator who customizes solutions to fit your unique team needs. Their understanding of technical SEO is incredibly valuable. I'd work with them again in a flash.

Geoffrey Crofte

Head of UX

Foyer Group


Myriam delivers top-notch SEO advice with a unique focus on client education and support. Their comprehensive SEO audits are a treasure trove, covering both content and technical facets. I love collaborating to boost my clients' SEO.

Maude Lavoie

Shopify Expert



I love working with Myriam for complex international SEO projects. Myriam is brilliantly competent, refreshingly honest, and unwaveringly committed. I highly recommend them as an eCommerce SEO expert whenever I may do so.

Florian Schmitt

Director & eCommerce Architect

ERA Consulting Group

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